Data collecting: the Backbone of a Good Assistant

By | Feb 9, 2008

Back when I was a department secretary (we won’t talk about how long ago that was), I had not yet realized the importance of collecting snippets of information about people and things. Then one day our long time receptionist announced she was retiring, and I was tasked with entering all the information from her Rolodex […]

Travel Arrangements to Wow Any Boss, Part Three: International Travel

By | Feb 6, 2008

While international travel requires all the same steps as domestic travel, it holds some unique pitfalls of which the administrative assistant should be aware. Time zone issues, specifically date issues. It is not unusual when traveling to another continent that you will leave on one date and arrive on another date. Don’t make the mistake […]

Travel Arrangements to Wow Any Boss, Part Two: The Itinerary

By | Feb 4, 2008

Think about the last time you were traveling, how many pieces of paper you had to keep up with: ticket, boarding pass, hotel confirmation, rental car confirmation, upgrade confirmation. Wouldn’t it be great to have all those things on one sheet of paper? That’s where making a great travel itinerary comes in! I got this […]

Travel Arrangements to Wow any Boss, Part One

By | Feb 2, 2008

When I first started interviewing for Admin Asst positions, I didn’t put travel arrangements on my resume. I mean, any idiot can make travel arrangements, can’t they? But then on every interview, I was asked about my ability to handle travel arrangements. I finally figured out that there is an art to keeping the boss […]

Welcome to Administrative Arts!

By | Feb 1, 2008

Administrative Arts is the blog for administrative professionals. Whether you are just starting out in your clerical career or are a seasoned Executive Assistant, you’ll find tips and tricks here to help you manage your ever changing jobs and duties. Topics will include everything from time management to using Outlook effectively to how to keep […]

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