So, your boss is leaving you….

By | Mar 12, 2008

Since my boss is leaving me, I thought this topic was appropos. I wrote previously about the boss/assistant relationship.  Because this relationship is so important to the actual job of being an administrative assistant, when your boss leaves it rather leaves things up in the air for the assistant left behind.  Several outcomes are possible […]

For Beginners: Receptionist Tips Part Deaux

By | Mar 10, 2008

On to Part Two of our Receptionist Tips series. In Receptionist Tips I, I discussed phone etiquette for receptionists, although some of the tips are applicable to anyone in the admin support field. However, unless you are working on a switchboard, there’s a great deal more to being a receptionist than answering the phone. Appearance: […]

Casual Friday

By | Mar 7, 2008

I saw this linked on another blog and had some great fun playing with it. There’s several different games there to test your geography knowledge. Being the trivia buff that I am, I thoroughly enjoyed testing my knowledge. I’ve gotten through level 7 so far, but level 8 remains elusive. How Well Do You Know […]

Gadget Love: Keyboard Organizer

By | Mar 5, 2008

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love, love, love gadgets.  I can’t help it.  It’s the geek in me coming out. Today, Brian over at TheJobBored introduced this great new desk accessory.  It’s a keyboard…It’s a desk organizer…It’s a KEYBOARD DESK ORGANIZER! I think I’m seriously in love.  If they make […]

For Beginners: Receptionist Tips I

By | Mar 4, 2008

One of the most frequent entry level positions for someone in the administrative support field is that of Receptionist. In this position, you will have a chance to learn and hone many skills that you will carry with you throughout your career as an administrative professional. As an Executive Assistant, I still get compliments on […]

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