Casual Friday: LibraryThing

By | Apr 25, 2008

Hooray!  It’s Friday again, and we have survived yet another week! Gearing up for the weekend, I introduce you to: LibraryThing At LibraryThing, you can catalog all of your books, share your book lists, review books, and explore the lists of others who like the same books.  Trust me, you can spend the entire weekend […]

Using Tabs to Align Text

By | Apr 24, 2008

In my previous post, I told you why using the space key to align text doesn’t work well. Today, I will show you how to use tabs to align your text properly, giving your documents the professional look your boss expects. In the upper right corner of your Word window, where the left and top […]

Sorry for the brief hiatus

By | Apr 24, 2008

But I’m back now after much drama both at work and at home. It’s amazing how everything can hit the fan at the same time, isn’t it? Expect much posting in very short order while I work at getting caught up. And thanks to all of you who have kept coming back even after a […]

A Picture is Worth….

By | Apr 11, 2008   This website features contests for PhotoShop artists.  Even if you have no artistic talent, you’ll enjoy checking out  the work of others.  There’s really some stunning imagery here.   Have a good, relaxing weekend, everyone.  

Make Your Documents Cleaner

By | Apr 10, 2008

One thing that I see over and over again, even from experienced Administrative Assistants, is badly aligned text. It might not look that bad on screen, but once you print out your document, it detracts from the overall look and professionalism that you want to project. The mistake that most make is using the space […]

Understanding formatting in Microsoft Word

By | Apr 9, 2008

One question I often get from other Administrative Assistants is how to figure out why a document is doing something strange. Most of the time I find out they have formatted something without realizing it. Usually they are quite amazed that I figured out the issue, when all I did was turn on hidden symbols […]

The Key to Problem Solving

By | Apr 7, 2008

Often as an Administrative Assistant, you are called upon to solve problems.  Problems for you boss, problems for your coworkers, problems for clients.  The mark of a really great Administrative Assistant is being able to solve problems. Sometimes, though, a clear cut answer isn’t readily available to solve the problem at hand.  What do you […]

Keeping a Time Log

By | Apr 4, 2008

Over at Laughing All the Way to Work, Patricia wrote a very good post on how to prepare for your annual evaluation. I’ve found that many times, my bosses don’t really have a real understanding of what I do all day. So it is my habit to keep a time log so that at any […]

Sharing Your Distribution Lists

By | Apr 2, 2008

The Professional Assistant had a great post on setting up distribution lists.   But what about when you want to share that distribution list with another person?  Here’s how you can do that. Open a new e-mail. Then switch to your Contacts in Outlook. Find your distribution list in your Contacts.  Click on the distribution list […]

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