Sharing Your Distribution Lists

By | Apr 2, 2008

The Professional Assistant had a great post on setting up distribution lists.   But what about when you want to share that distribution list with another person?  Here’s how you can do that.

  1. Open a new e-mail.
  2. Then switch to your Contacts in Outlook.
  3. Find your distribution list in your Contacts.  Click on the distribution list to highlight it and then type CTRL-C to copy it.
  4. Go to your new e-mail, and with your cursor in the body of the e-mail, type CTRL-V to paste it.  This will paste the distribution list as an attachment in the e-mail.
  5. Send the e-mail as normal.
  6. When the person receives the e-mail, they can copy and paste it from the e-mail to their contacts list.

Voila!  Distribution list shared.

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