Free Office Help

By | Jul 30, 2008

photo credit: buba69 Do you always seem to have more tasks than time to complete them, but there just isn’t any money to hire help?  There are some free and subsidized alternatives out there to get you the help you need. One good source is to find interns to help.  If you have a community […]

Floppy Disk Disposal

By | Jul 28, 2008

photo credit: matsuyuki If your office is like mine, you have stashes of floppy disks hanging around from the days when they were the way to transport electronic documents.  These days, we tend to just toss them in the trash when we find them, since most PCs  don’t even have floppy drives. Before you trash […]

Casual Friday – Everquest II revisited

By | Jul 25, 2008

I talked about Everquest II in a previous Casual Friday post.  Well, if you want to give it a try, Sony is giving away free trials through the end of August, and it includes all of the expansions, so you won’t have to buy anything.  If you like it at the end of your free […]

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