Controlling Your Graphics

By | Sep 15, 2008

Has this ever happened to you?  You place a graphic in your Word document and send it to the back so you can type the text over it.  But then you decide the graphic placement isn’t quite right, and you click on it to move it.  Only it won’t click.  All you do is move your cursor in your text.

The way to click on a graphic or other element that you have moved behind text is to right click on it.  Right click in an area of the graphic where no text exists, and the focus of the document becomes the graphic.  You can now move the graphic, change its properties, or delete it as you wish.

If the text over the graphic is very dense, you may have to move your cursor around a bit to find a place with no text, but you should be able to find a place where you can right click to focus on the graphic.  If the first place doesn’t work, just try another spot until you get it.

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