Travel Dangers

By | Sep 17, 2008

Airplanes Skidding In A Snow Storm
Creative Commons License photo credit: Anirudh Koul

Traveling can be so annoying sometimes, and it’s nice to have company when traveling to take the edge off.  However, when booking travel for executives, you need to remember a general rule:  all of your executives should not travel together.

Why you ask?  It’s a rather morbid consideration, but an important one.  If a plane, train or automobile crashes, you risk losing all of your top executives in one fell swoop.  Many corporations actually have rules in their by-laws requiring top management to travel separately when attending the same meetings.

So, remember, as nice as it would be for your executives to have company on a long flight, think about the consequences if the worse should happen.  This should also apply to department heads as well.  If all of the top folks in your department are travelling to the same meeting, you might want to arrange for them to split up on the flights, just to avoid any possibility of a management vacuum if the worst should happen.

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