Casual Friday: Find great blogs

By | Oct 31, 2008

So, today I have an addendum to the Casual Friday.  Chuck Westbrook has a great idea to help good blogs with few readers get more notice. Essentially, a blog will be chosen every two weeks, and everyone that signs on will read that blog for two weeks.  At the end of the two weeks, we […]

Casual Friday: Halloween Edition

By | Oct 31, 2008

photo credit: Plutor Happy Halloween, everyone!  For today’s Casual Friday, I’m treating you to some of the best Halloween links around the web: Halloween On-Line – a full service Halloween site, get information on decorations, crafts, costumes, parties, and more. Ben & Jerry’s Halloween – Have a great time exploring Ben & Jerry’s haunted house! […]

Save Money on Business Travel

By | Oct 29, 2008

With the economy in turmoil, more pressure than ever is being put on companies to cut expenses and save money.  Although new technology is making conference calls and video conferences more accessible, employees still have the need to travel for business at times.  As an administrative assistant, it’s your responsibility to find the most cost effective […]

Responsibilities While the Boss is Traveling

By | Oct 27, 2008

What are an assistant’s responsibilities while the boss is traveling, especially if she is traveling internationally? Your responsibilities are going to vary depending on your boss.  It’s a good idea to talk to you boss before she travels to get an idea of what she expects.    The main question to answer is whether she wants you […]

Casual Friday: All About Doxies

By | Oct 24, 2008

photo credit: prinsipe boobooy. Whether you call them dachshunds, doxies, dachels or weiner dogs, everyone loves a dachshund.  As a matter of fact, I love them so much that I have three!  Yes, three…..don’t look at me like that! Anyway, through twitter, Idiscovered Run by a couple of ladies who love their dachshunds, you’ll […]

Quick Navigation in Word

By | Oct 22, 2008

I know you’ve been there.  You’re editting a huge document, and now you need to go back through and proof your edits.  Here’s a tip to help you out.  Shift-F5 will take you through your edits in a document.  Hitting shift-F5 once will take you to your last edit, and subsequent uses will go through […]

Vote for Administrative Arts!

By | Oct 21, 2008

Do you enjoy Administrative Art?  Find it helpful in your work?  Enjoy your break with Casual Friday?  Well, show your appreciation.  Vote for Administrative Arts for Best Business Blog in the Blogger’s Choice ’09 Awards.  Just click on the graphic below to vote!

Create a Secure Password

By | Oct 20, 2008

photo credit: Phillip The first point of entry of any computer security system is, of course, the password.  But just how secure are most passwords?  The truth is, not very.  Most people use passwords that are fairly easy for someone who knows them to guess (or in the case of Sarah Palin, someone who can […]

Casual Friday: digital Photography School

By | Oct 17, 2008

Do you like photography?  Do you have a digital camera?  Check out digital Photography School. digital Photography School has a great blog full of tutorials and a forum where you can ask questions, participate in a weekly challenge and even get criticism for your photographs. If you enjoy digital photography, click here to learn more.

Create PDF Files for Free

By | Oct 16, 2008

Many times in an office environment you need to create a file that can be opened by anyone without any specific software requirements. If you have Windows, you can use the Microsoft Image Writer that is in your printer directory, but that doesn’t work for people using Apple or Linux operating systems. The standard document […]

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