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By | Nov 1, 2008

Note: This promotion is now over.  I am no longer giving away copies of Receptionist Arts, however it is for sale for only $9.95.  Click on the Receptionist Arts link on the menu bar above to purchase Receptionist Arts!

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Like most bloggers, I am always interested in seeing which of my posts get the most interest.  Over time, I realized that my Receptionist Tips posts got more search engine hits than everything else combined. Obviously, this was content that people wanted to hear more about.

As I thought back on my own administrative support career, I realized that most of us learned to be Receptionists on the job. Even if we had received clerical training, most of that was directed at handling higher level administrative jobs. Very little was directed at entry level positions like the Receptionist.

I searched for steroids, but most of them were either out-of-date, or targeted at specific industries such as health care.

Thus the birth of my e-book, Receptionist Arts.  In Receptionist Arts, I talk about the basics of being a great receptionist.  From appearance, to managing the front desk and multiple phone lines, I cover the important aspects of the receptionist position.

Get Receptionist Arts now and be a great receptionist!

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  1. Maggie Hayes (1 comments) June 3, 2009 5:58 am

    The “Receptionist Arts ebook is of great interest to me. I subscribed so that I may receive it.
    Will it be delivered automatically?
    Thank you.
    Maggie Hayes

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