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By | Nov 10, 2008

So, your boss just came back from his big conference and handed you a double handful of business cards to enter into his contacts.  You could spend hours typing them into Outlook, or you could use a business card scanner to enter them.

I investigated a number of business card scanners on, and found a number of good models.  I’ll talk about the top three based on customer reviews.

The CardScan Personal v8 Card Scanner

The CardScan v8 got the best recommendations for the price, with a solid 4 stars.  While another scanner got a slightly higher rating, it is a much more expensive scanner.  In addition to it’s light weight and small size, reviewers liked it’s speed and many especially liked the contact management software that came with it.  While the character recognition software isn’t perfect, most reported that they had to make very few corrections to the scanned information.  Additionally, the scanner records both sides of the card, in case you made notes on it, and it is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, functionality that is not available with all card scanners.

Overall rever:  The CardScanner v8 is fast, reliable, portable, and above all, reasonably priced.

CardScan Executive v8 Compact Business Card Scanner


Another choice is also a CardScan model.  The Executive v8 rated slightly more than 4 stars, however it did have about half as many reviews.  Most reviewers liked the quality of the scans and said the OCR software worked extremely well.  They all liked the user interface, and the interactivity with Outlook got high marks.  The downside of this scanner?  The price.  It’s almost twice as expensive as the CardScan v8.

Neat Business Cards Mobile Full Color Card Reader/Scanner

At the other end of the spectrum is the NeatReceipt Neat Business Card Scanner.  This scanner was rated at 3.5 stars, mostly due to problems with compatibility with Windows Vista and XP SP3.  Read the reviews and technical information carefully before you buy it.

While it seems to have more problems reading the text, the OCR still seems to be fairly accurate, and most reviewers claim the Outlook interface is superior to that of the CardScanner software.  The best news on the Neat Card Reader?  The price.  It’s significantly cheaper than the CardScanner v8 and vastly less expensive than the Executive v8.

Whether you go for the very high end or the lower cost scanner, a business card reader can be an indispensible asset when supporting any executive.

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  1. fatcow hosting (1 comments) May 31, 2009 10:30 am

    I bought one of those portable scanners for my business. It saves a lot of time and you don’t have to worry about misplacing the business cards. Well recommended.

  2. Mobilt Internet (1 comments) February 24, 2010 10:06 am

    The business card scanners are really smart and user friendly as it saves time for people whose bosses are too neaty-gritty about the contacts. Without any kind misplacing their valuable cards and spelling mistakes, the cars scanners comes very handy and does your work really fast. Thanks to technology that they are coming up with such great portable devices for offices.

  3. Business Sale Brisbane (1 comments) March 16, 2010 7:37 pm

    Well I bought one and it saves my time, all my contacts and easy to locate. Now I never worry about misplacing the business cards.Its all saved by V8 card scanner

  4. Requisition Software (1 comments) July 26, 2010 9:17 pm

    Card readers are indeed a big time saver when you need all your contacts info at one place right when you need it. Perhaps it looks like you’re spending on something which you can do manually but these days time is money, so better spend a little to save big =)

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