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By | Dec 1, 2008

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Last week, I talked about holiday gift exchanges in the office.  Today, let’s talk about holiday decorating.  If you’re like me, you love, love, love the holidays.  If I had my choice, there’d be garlands and tinsel and decorations hung from every available surface with Christmas music blaring over the radio 24/7.  And that’s wonderful if you like to decorate.  Have a ball decorating at home.  When it comes to the office, though, you may need to be a bit more circumspect.  Here are a few tips for holiday decorating in the office:

  • Keep it secular.  While Christmas may have it’s roots in a religious holiday, not everyone celebrates the religious side of Christmas and some may not celebrate Christmas at all.  Other significant holidays occur at this time of year as well, including Hanakkuh, Yule, Kwanzaa, and the Winter Solstice.  So, if you’re going to put up decorations, remember to keep them secular, especially if you’re in a public office.  Leave the creche at home.
  • Keep it simple.  While I’m a big fan of the the-more-the-better school of holiday decorating, not everyone enjoys the in your face holiday decorations as much as I do.  So, look for simple tasteful decorations to adorn your office.  A small tree with lights and tinsel, a simple garland, a nice wreath on the door or on the front of the reception desk.  Don’t overdo.
  • Avoid noise makers.  Yes, the dancing santa and singing reindeer are adorable.  But after the first 3 times someone sets them off, they’re completely annoying.  If you have noisy decorations, be sure to power them off or have them turned on only occasionally.
  • Be understanding.  Remember that the holidays can be a very difficult time of year for some people.  There’s a reason the suicide rate is higher over the holidays.  People who are feeling bad to start with can find the stress of the holidays wearing.  Don’t be perturbed if everyone doesn’t share your holiday glee.  I admit to annoying an old boss by playing Elvis’s Christmas album whenever he was in the office.  I even used to send him an MP3 version every Christmas after he left the company.  However, we had a close relationship, and I knew I could get away with it.  In general, though, don’t force your holiday cheer where it isn’t unwelcome.
  • Get Permission.  Before knocking yourself out decorating the office (or even just your desk), make sure you have permission to do such decorating.  Some offices may have rules against holiday decorations like these using plastic sheets.  Check things out before you start so you don’t accidentally step on toes or break rules.

Holiday decorating can be fun and help spread the holiday spirit.  Just remember not to overdo.

So, share with us.  How do you feel about holiday decorating.  Are you an over-the-top decorator?  The office Grinch?  Leave a comment and tell us how you feel about today’s topic.

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2 Comments so far
  1. Ginny (1 comments) December 2, 2008 8:36 pm

    Just wanted to thank you for the tip on keeping it secular 🙂

    I’m not an over the top decorator. I always think about it, but never seem to get around to it, lol.

  2. Lights (1 comments) January 13, 2010 1:00 pm

    Def ask permission first. some bosses don’t want anything up.
    .-= Lights´s last blog ..Contact Us =-.

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