What to do when you leave your job

By | Dec 9, 2008

In my last post, I talked about what to do on the first day of your new job.  But what about the job you’re leaving behind?

Most of the time when we are getting ready to leave a job, we are looking more at the next job than the current one. Before you leave, though, try to make things easier on the next person who will be performing your job.


Take time to think about what you do every day and write up a set of procedures for your replacement.  Remember to attach any forms needed and include the names and numbers of any contacts pertinent to each procedure.

Contact Cheat Sheet

Put together a list of commonly used contacts with a bit of information about each one.  In the list, include:

  • Contact persons for various office needs: procurement, travel, payroll, office supplies, budget, etc.
  • Important clients along with important information about each one.
  • You boss’s boss, and his boss, etc.  As a matter of fact, don’t forget to leave a copy of the company org chart.
  • Your boss’s personal contacts: spouse, children, parents, friends who may call frequently.  If your boss is involved on charitable boards, include those contacts as well.

File Organization

If you don’t already have one (and why don’t you?), type up a list of your file organization.  You know, categories and subcategories and what belongs in each.  It will help your replacement figure out where to look for needed files.  She may reorganize the files later to suit her own personality and thought processes, but this will give her a starting place to know what you have.

Remember, as anxious as you may be to move on in your career, you want to help the person stepping into your shoes the same way you hope the person you are replacing will help you.

What are some of the other helps you can leave behind for your replacement?

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