Casual Friday: Auditorium

By | Dec 12, 2008

Auditorium is a great little flash game.  It’s creators wanted to make a simple little flash game to sit at the top of their website to encourage people to stay longer on the site.  And that’s what it did…sit.  It just sat there for months with few visitors.  And then one day, someone wrote about […]

What to do when you leave your job

By | Dec 9, 2008

In my last post, I talked about what to do on the first day of your new job.  But what about the job you’re leaving behind? Most of the time when we are getting ready to leave a job, we are looking more at the next job than the current one. Before you leave, though, […]

New Job? What to do on your first day

By | Dec 8, 2008

So, you’re starting a new job as an Administrative or Executive Assistant.  What do you do to make sure you start off on the right foot and are able to hit the ground running? First Things First Your first task should be to sit down with your new boss and find out exactly what he/she […]

Why Can’t I Date My Coworker?

By | Dec 3, 2008

  So, you’ve started at a new job, and you are totally attracted to that cute guy/girl working down the hall.  What’s more, you’re absolutely sure he/she likes you, too.  You would really like to spend some time getting to know this person outside of the office setting, but company policies are very clear.  No […]

Holiday Decorating

By | Dec 1, 2008

photo credit: krisdecurtis Last week, I talked about holiday gift exchanges in the office.  Today, let’s talk about holiday decorating.  If you’re like me, you love, love, love the holidays.  If I had my choice, there’d be garlands and tinsel and decorations hung from every available surface with Christmas music blaring over the radio 24/7.  […]

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