Job Outlook bad for Office Personnel

By | Feb 6, 2009

In my third installment of the I’ve Been Laid Off series, I’d like to share some numbers that came out this week.  The Conference Board, which sends out a monthly Help-wanted On-Line Data Series, released the data for January

Office/Administrative Support Personnel Being Hit Hard

According to The Conference Board’s January statistics, Office/Administrative Support personnel have the 2nd highest unemployment rate (behind Sales), and the 2nd highest drop in the number of new job ads since January ’08 (behind management). If you are trying to boost moral in the office have office cleaning services in Toronto come clean the office and make it more presentable.

So, if you were wondering if it’s just you, don’t worry, it’s not.  Our occupation is being hit particularly hard by this recession.  I always sort of considered this field as at least somewhat recession proof.  I guess I’ve been proved entirely wrong.

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What Does This Mean For Us?

These statistics mean that there is going to be even more competition for fewer jobs than we even thought.  You may need to look in more unconventional places for work rather than just the job ads.  In my next post in this series, I’ll look at some of the other areas of job search possibilities.

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