Hourly vs Saleried: Are You Losing Money?

By | Aug 31, 2009

photo credit: Tracy O If you are improperly classified as a salaried employee, you could be losing a lot of money. In big corporations, whether you’re an hourly or salaried employee is usually a decided by HR in order to comply with labor laws.  However, many small businesses don’t have an HR employee, much less […]

Dealing With Difficult Customers: The Basics

By | Aug 28, 2009

photo credit: Zach Klein The dreaded difficult customer, you know them as soon as they walk in the door.  It’s in their stance, the look on their face, their tone of voice and general body language.  The arrival of a difficult customer, though, does not have to spoil your whole day.  There are ways to […]

Grammar Tip: Easier vs Easily

By | Aug 26, 2009

photo credit: quinn.anya Proofreading is an essential skill for all administrative support personnel.  In addition to spelling and typos, you also need to be looking for proper word usage.  In a previous post, I talked about confusing the words Prospective and Perspective.  Today I have another pair of words that I often find misused. Easier […]

I’m Back….and With a Contest!

By | Aug 26, 2009

Hello, everyone. Yes, Administrative Arts is finally back up and running.  A big Thank You to all of you who have sent me e-mails over the past few months to check up on me.  I really appreciate how much you guys care, and it really spurred me on to get the blog back up and […]

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