Ask the Admin: Watermarks in MS Word Part II

By | Sep 4, 2009

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In my last post, I showed you how to make a graphic into a watermark in Microsoft Word.  Today, I’ll show you how to do the same thing with text using WordArt.  The reason we use WordArt is because a text box does not have an option to make the text transparent,  so it doesn’t work well for a watermark (at least, I don’t know of an option.  If you know, please let us know in the comments!).


Here are the steps to use WordArt to make a text-based watermark in Microsoft Word.  As usual, all graphics are thumbnails.  Click on the graphic to see it full-size.

  1. Click on the WordArt button on the drawing toolbar (if you don’t have your drawing toolbar open, click on View|Toolbars|Drawing).
  2. Choose the format of your WordArt and click “OK”.
  3. Enter your text and click OK.
  4. You now have your WordArt inserted into your document.  Right click on the WordArt and choose “Format WordArt”.
  5. Click on the drop down box next to “Color” and choose “Fill Effects”.
  6. In the Fill Effects dialogue box, under “Colors” choose “One Color”, and under transparency, set your desired transparency.  I usually set it to around 50%.  You can experiment and find the best settings for you.  Click OK when finished.
  7. Click on the Layout tab.  Choose “Behind Text” and then click on the “Advanced” button.
  8. In the Advanced Layout dialogue box, uncheck the box next to “Move object with text”, and then click “OK”.
  9. Click “OK” again, and you have your WordArt watermark in your Microsoft Word document.  You can now move, rotate and align your watermark to your heart’s content.
    WordArt watermark

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  1. Sandra (1 comments) October 18, 2009 11:20 pm

    Yes it very good way to make a watermark in WS WORD. I like the way, it will be helpfull if we dont want to use photoshop or any other software.

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