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By | Oct 30, 2009

And we have another question about Microsoft Outlook, this time about scheduling e-mails. Json asked in his e-mail:

Hi I read your article about setting up recurring tasks and wonder if there is any way to do automatic email reminders to my staff. My staff members have tasks with different due dates. For example, staff A has a yearly recurring task with due date on July 1, staff B has a yearly recurring task with due date on March 1…. Is there anyway I can set up auto email reminders to them respectively 5 days, 1 day prior to due date? Or do I have to buy a third party application for that?

My reply to Json:

You have two options here.  You can schedule an e-mail to each team (I have directions here in my post about scheduling e-mails in MS Outlook), or you can create a task and assign it to the team, which will put the task on the task list of the person or persons assigned to the task.  Just create a task and set the recurrence for yearly, and set the due date and start date for the task.  Then click the Assign button and assign it to the person or persons who will be working on that task.  Don’t forget to set the reminder before sending the task.

I prefer the second option.  Microsoft Outlook has a nice setup for working on tasks as a team.  You can put notes in the task to note the progress.  Set up regular reminders of the task, and even attach documents the team needs to do the work.  And it allows the boss to monitor the progress of the task and keep track of it.  I think, probably, that most people don’t use even half of the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Outlook.

Thanks for your question, Json.

What’s Your Opinion?

Anyone have any alternate ways to solve Json’s issue?

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