Ask the Admin: How Secure is Gmail?

By | Nov 18, 2009

I had a question this week about the security of Gmail, the very popular on-line e-mail service from Google.

Please let me know, how safe the confidential documents keeping in mails….?????

I would be much much thankful to you if u kindly provide me some details on it….As i would like to share with you that, i have kept some of my confidential documents in G-mail for my easy assess any where to avoid carrying the hard copy all along……

Please let me know about it….Eagerly waitng for your response in thais regard.

Many people keep documents in their e-mail when traveling, and Gmail is certainly a very popular e-mail service.

Here’s the scoop on Gmail.  You use a secure site when you sign into your Gmail account (you’ll notice the https:// before the site name on the log-in page).  However, once you are logged in, you go to a non-secure page (a regular http:// page) to see your mail and open attachments.

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What this means is that when you log into your Gmail account, your information cannot be intercepted.  However, when you’re reading your mail or opening attachments, it can be.  This is especially true when you are using public wifi access, such as in an internet cafe.

If you need to carry confidential data with you when you travel, invest in an encrypted USB drive.  It’s small enough to carry in your pocket, and since it’s encrypted, your documents are still safe if it gets stolen or lost.  Here’s a relatively inexpensive Lexar 4 GB Secure USB drive at Amazon (affiliate link).

Of course, if you have Windows 7, you can encrypt any flash drive.  You won’t have to buy one with encryption.

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