Managing Calendars Part 2: Scheduling More Than Meetings

By | Nov 4, 2009

In my last post, I talked about using discretion in scheduling meetings.  Today, we’ll go into other ways to manage your boss’s calendar to increase his productivity. Keep the Calendar More Full Than It Looks Let’s face it.  If there’s a blank spot on your boss’s calendar, someone’s going to want to schedule a meeting there.  […]

Managing Calendars: More Ways to Keep the Boss More Productive

By | Nov 2, 2009

Last week we talked about helping the boss be more productive by properly screening calls.  This week, let’s explore another way to help the boss be more productive: managing the calendar. More Than Just Scheduling Meetings “Managing the calendar,” you’re thinking.  “Isn’t that just scheduling the boss’s meetings?”  Well, scheduling meetings is just part of […]

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