How to Sabotage a Great Job

By | Dec 14, 2009

You like your job.  You have a good boss, and you’re really good at what you do.  Think you can’t or won’t be fired?  Think again.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at your job, certain behaviors can and will get you fired.  And all of these scenarios are things you bring on yourself.


It’s one thing to chat about personal issues at work.  We all do it; it’s part of bonding.  But when we start dishing dirt on everyone else, it’s called gossip, and it can destroy the cohesiveness of an office.  And if you’re the one dishing the dirt, it can destroy your job and career.  Do you think it won’t get back to the boss that you’re a gossip?  Remember the Spanish proverb, “Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you.”

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Badmouthing the Boss

Closely related to gossip, but specifically about the boss.  Let’s face it, as an Administrative or Executive Assistant, your relationship with your boss is a huge part of your job.  If the boss thinks he has reason to not trust you, that relationship is likely irrevocably broken.  There’s no faster way of breaking that trust than to bad mouth the boss to a coworker.  And if you think the boss won’t find out, refer to the Spanish proverb above.

Breaking Confidentiality

Continuing on the theme of trust is breaking confidentiality.  Your boss must be able to trust that what you hear and see in her office will not be discussed outside of the office.  If she can’t trust that you will keep confidentiality, then she won’t feel comfortable sharing details with you that you need to know to do an effective job.  And if you think she won’t find out you’ve blabbed, please refer again to the Spanish proverb.

While you may have no control over some issues affecting your job, these issues are entirely within your control.  Don’t lose your job in a moment of loose lips.  Guard your tongue and your reputation.

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  1. broken relationships (1 comments) January 21, 2010 9:53 am

    Great information… yeah i must agree with you, almost all job environment are ruined by these 3 behaviors.

    By the way you do have a pretty blog here, good job..
    .-= broken relationships´s last blog ..Links for 2010-01-15 [] =-.

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