10 Things To Do When the Computer Is Down

By | Dec 30, 2009

Don’t you hate it when the computer or network is down?  You feel like you can’t do anything, we’re so attuned to doing everything electronically these days.  After you call the tech folks, what do you do then?

We had a network outage last week, and I had to look around for a few minutes before I really started thinking of things to do while the computer was down.

Here’s some of the things I found to do:

  1. Catch up on filing.  If your filing is already caught up (lucky you, mine never is), review your filing system.  Are the categories and subcategories you’re currently using still useful?  Times change and sometimes you have to change your filing system with them.
  2. Read the trade magazines.  I don’t know about your office, but most of my bosses have received constant streams of trade magazines.  When he was finished, I’d snitch them to read.  It always helps to have current knowledge on your industry.  It helps you support the boss better, and it impresses him when he doesn’t have to explain industry terms.
  3. Check your supply of forms.  Do you need to photocopy more?  This is a good time to attack those.
  4. Ditto for office supplies.  Clean out the cabinet, check supplies, see what you need to order.
  5. Ditto for stationary supplies.  Envelopes, letterhead, custom notepads, etc.  Review your stock and see if you need to order more.
  6. If your office uses pre-made folders for clients, take this time to make up spares to get ahead of the need.
  7. Clean your desk.  It’s amazing how dirty our desks can get, isn’t it?  I like to take time every once in a while to move everything and clean it all.  This is a great time.
  8. Shred that stack of papers you’ve been meaning to get to.
  9. Have a big project coming up?  Spend some time brainstorming and making notes for the project.
  10. Do some of those great exercises you can do at your desk.  Of course, you’ll need to know them before hand, since the computer is down *laughs*.

If you’re like me, you always have some kind of manual work to do, but you tend to put it off.  Times when the computer or network is down are a great time to catch up on things like that.

What do you do when your computer is down?

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