Have You Got Google Wave?

By | Jan 6, 2010

Google Wave is the newest application of the ever popular Google company.  They’ve taken a variety of IM and networking tools and made a truly unique collaboration interface.

You can, of course, communicate with others in Wave as if you were in an IM, but you can do so much more than that.  You can work on a document together, each typing at the same time, making changes as you go, attach documents, look things up on Google map, all within one screen.  As more developers create add-ons, it will become more and more versatile.  Even in it’s current beta stage, it already has some very cool functionality.

The Google Wave team has uploaded a number of videos over on YouTube to help people get started using Wave.  Check some of them out to see the functionality of Wave.

If you’re already using Wave, you can connect with me at the e-mail address on the sidebar.

Do You Need a Google Wave Invitation?

If you’re not using Google Wave yet, I have some invitations left still.  Send me your e-mail address (at the e-mail on the sidebar) and I’ll send you an invite.  Note: You will need a Google account to use this (don’t worry, it’s free).  If you (like me) have multiple Google accounts, be sure to be logged in to the Google account you want to use with Wave before you click on the invitation.

How Do You Like Wave?

Leave a comment and tell us how you like Wave! Is it useful? How do you think it might be able to help you in the office?

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2 Comments so far
  1. free online adventure games (1 comments) January 6, 2010 3:22 am

    Personally I am a BIG fan of Google and I have been using most of their online products for years; Gmail, Gtalk, Chrome, Docs, Picasa, Earth, News, Caldendar, Friend Connect, Adwords, Adsense, Knol, Youtube and finally not forgetting my Andriod HTC phone!

    Going to try out Wave pretty soon! Thanks for summary Jodith!

  2. turisuna (1 comments) January 9, 2010 6:16 am

    I haven’t tried the google wave, but it sounds interesting, with all features that you have explained make me want to try it soon 🙂

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