Learn Office 2007 with Ribbon Hero

By | Feb 24, 2010

One of the biggest problems with Office 2007 is that the interface of the programs is very different from previous versions of Office.  Tasks you can usually do with your eyes closed have become absurdly hard in 2007 simply because we have to relearn the interface.  Once you figure out the interface, you’ll find that […]

Setting Up A Filing System Part 4: Naming Computer Files

By | Feb 22, 2010

Naming computer files in most ways is the same as naming any other file, except for a few conventions you need to think about. Using Special Characters Generally, when naming computer files in Windows, you cannot use the following characters: < (less than) > (greater than) : (colon) ” (double quote) / (forward slash) \ […]

Links Roundup February 19, 2010

By | Feb 19, 2010

Once again, here are the links for administrative support tips I’ve shared with my followers on Twitter in the last week .  If you want to follow me on twitter, my twitter page is here. Tips and templates for administrative professionals. http://ow.ly/18MLL, also templates to thank your admin. Would SalesData mean more in an #Excel […]

Setting Up a Filing System Part 3: Creating Your Files

By | Feb 15, 2010

In Part 1 of Setting Up a Filing System, I talked about the types of filing systems you can choose from.  In Part 2, I talked about Active vs. Historical files.  Now that you have some of the theory behind you, let’s talk about actually setting up your files. Most of the time when we […]

Setting Up a Filing System Part 2: Active vs. Historical Files

By | Feb 9, 2010

One thing to consider when setting up your filing system is how you are going to treat active versus historical files. Essentially, active files are ones you still need to have regular access to while historical files are those which you are unlikely need to access to, but which need to be kept for legal […]

Setting Up a Filing System Part I

By | Feb 8, 2010

No matter what level you work at in the administrative support field, whether you’re a receptionist or a C-Level Executive Assistant, you are going to end up doing filing.  That’s just the way it is.  When you work with documents, you have to know where to file those documents for later retrieval.  Most of what […]

Links Roundup – February 4, 2010

By | Feb 4, 2010

Here’s my non-so-weekly links roundup, listing all the links I’ve shared on Twitter in the last couple of weeks. 11 Common Blunders in Web Design Want to make an Appointment out of an Outlook email? Drag it from the list to the little calendar. http://bit.ly/wa5iH Getting Your Name Off a Hiring Blacklist – WSJ.com http://bit.ly/dfv0xv […]

Ask the Admin: Becoming a Virtual Assistant

By | Feb 4, 2010

I received this e-mail from Andrea: On my personal day off, I’ve been thinking about leaving my cubicle assistant job–where I’m basically working as assistant for a bank via a real-estate holding company–and making it a start-up business for myself. By the way, there’s a perfect search directory management company online called hoa management san […]

Ask the Admin – What More Do I Need?

By | Feb 3, 2010

I received this e-mail from Kathy: I have a AA in Business Administration with a concentration in management, a bookkeeping diploma and a administrative assistant diploma and I still have a hard time getting an administrative assistant job. As for experience I would say i have the bear minimum because of where I live. What […]

Ask the Admin: Staying in Touch While Traveling

By | Feb 2, 2010

Lisa sent me the following e-mail: Do you have any tips or advice for communicating daily, weekly or priority items when traveling for weeks at a time. Thanks for your e-mail, Lisa.  As it happens, I worked for 3 years for one boss who traveled almost 50% of his time, so I learned a great […]

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