Maintaining Your Office Supply Cabinet Part 3

By | Jul 7, 2010

In my last post on this topic, I talked about various folder options, tapes and clips.  In this post, we’ll talk about desk set items that you should keep in the supply closet, media to have on hand, and other miscellaneous items needed.

Finding the Right Office Space and Desk Set Items

Let’s face it, desk set items like staplers, hole punchers, and tape dispensers tend to grow legs and walk away.  Someone borrows yours and forgets to put it back.  They especially tend to walk away from public areas like copy areas and workrooms.  Also, while most of these items are fairly hardy, they can and do break. It’s handy to keep one of each kind of various desk items like that in your supply cabinet for those times when they walk away or break.  Other desk set items include desk calendars, desk pads (how many have I ruined by spilling coffee?), pencil/pen holders, and rulers. Also is recommended to find a beautiful place to set the office, like Gothenburg, you can find the best places on lokaler i Göteborg.

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Look over the typical desk set used in the offices in your company and add one of each item to your office supply check list so you always have a replacement handy if needed.


Media for computer files and tape recorders are also items to keep in your supply cabinet.  The specific media you keep will depend, once again, on your specific office.

For computer media, you will need to know what type of media drives the computers in your office use.  If they all only have CD drives, you won’t need to purchase blank DVDs, for instance.  However, the converse is not true.  Even if all computers in your office are blessed with DVD drives, you will still want to keep a supply of blank CDs.  The reason is that people often want to burn a small file to a CD for a one time use, and don’t need to waste an entire DVD for that use.  I also recommend keeping a few thumbnail drives around.  The cost has dropped so dramatically on these that it’s no longer something you hide away in your drawer to protect your investment.

The media I recommend having on hand for computers are:

I recommend always purchasing the rewritable CD and DVD disks unless you give away disks to clients frequently.  If that is the case, you may want to keep a supply of non-rewriteable disks to use for giveaways.

Media for tape recorders include both full size and miniature tapes, depending on what the folks in your office use.

Miscellaneous Supplies

Other miscellaneous supplies you’ll may need to keep on hand are:

What Have I Forgotten

I’ve tried to be as complete as possible, but I know it’s likely that I’ve forgotten things.  What did I miss?  Leave a comment and let us all know what I left out.

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