7 Posts You May Not Have Read

By | Jul 26, 2010

Those of you who know me will know that I’m an avid reader and huge fan of Problogger, a blog written by Darren Rowse on…well…blogging.  Last week, Darren talked about reintroducing content that your readers may not have read.  He called it the 7 Link Challenge.

Well, I’m always up for a challenge, and I know a lot of my more recent readers may not have read some of my older but still applicable content.  So, here it is, 7 Posts You May Not Have Read:

  1. My First Post: Travel Arrangements To Wow Any Boss Part One.  Almost three years later, I still get questions on making travel arrangements and dealing with a traveling boss, which is why Travel eventually got it’s own category.
  2. The Post I Enjoyed Writing The Most: Rather than just one post, I’d have to say the whole So You’ve Been Laid Off series was my favorite thing to write.  I was laid off in August 2006 and again in August 2008.  Seeing the economy continue to drop and so many people, especially those in the administrative support field, losing their jobs, I decided to share what I had learned through my lay off experiences.
  3. A Post Which Had a Great Discussion: I don’t actually get a great deal of comments on this blog.  If it weren’t for my ever increasing subscriber and monthly page view stats, I’d think no-one read it *laughs*.  However, Must Know Software for Administrative Assistants has received a fair few comments with some good suggestions.
  4. A Post On Someone Else’s Blog I Wish I’d Written – E-mail Etiquette.  I remember actually thinking, “I wish I’d written that” when I read it.  As a matter of fact, I think I’ve linked it in blog posts a time or two. 
  5. My Most Helpful Post: Creating Recurring Tasks in Microsoft Outlook.  This post continues to get hits a couple of years later, and I still get thank you’s from folks, so I’ll say this was probably my most helpful post.
  6. Post With A Title I’m Proud Of: You May Not Read Minds But Convince The Boss You Can. I admit, I’m not a great title writer.  They tend to be very straightforward and not very creative, but I liked this one.
  7. Post I Wish More People Had Read: The Boss/Assistant Relationship. This outlines what I consider to be the cornerstone of being a good assistant.  If I had to choose only one post that I thought every boss and every assistant should read, this one would be it.

That’s it.  My 7 Link Challenge.  I hope you enjoy those posts if you haven’t read them before.  And if you blog or think you might one day want to blog, visit Problogger.  I’ve learned just about everything I know about blogging from him.

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