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My name is Jodith Allen, and I’ve been working in the Administrative/Clerical field for over 20 years. I started out as an Accounting Clerk and Receptionist and have worked my way up over the years to Department Secretary, Administrative Assistant, and finally Executive Assistant. I have worked for all types of employers from small non-profits, to big universities, to a multi-national software company with over 6000 employees.

I began this blog to share some of what I have learned in over the years working in this field. I hope you find this helpful and will share your thoughts and experiences as well.

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You will notice under every post the words “ShareThis”.  You can click on the words to share that particular post with others on-line.  It will give you the option to send an e-mail to a friend about it.  It will also provide the option to share it on social media like Digg, StumbleUpon and Twitter.  If you don’t know what those are, just Google the words.  You’ll find a whole new world opening to you on-line.  Personally, I love Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter at AdmnArts.

If you find this site helpful, please share it with others!

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So, what are those little pictures next to some of the comments?  Those are called Avatars, and they are used to express who you are on-line.  If you would like to have an avatar appear next to your comments, just go to gravatar.com and register your avatar.  Then, any time you leave a comment on a blog that has Gravatar enabled, it will link your e-mail address to your avatar so it will appear next to the comment.

You can either make an avatar from an existing photo, or you can choose from any number of free avatars on-line.  You can find some at AllAvatars.com or at any number of other places on line.  Just a reminder, though, to always check the terms of service before using an avatar you find on-line.

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