Ask the Admin: Is the Boss Away?

By | Apr 30, 2015

Today we have an interesting question from Heather: My Question is: how do you word your response on the telephone and make your boss look available when they are out of the office on vacation or spending too much time on the toilet or just out of office on personal taks? Thank you for your […]

Ask the Admin: Using a Travel Agency

By | Mar 20, 2013

Jacquelyn asks: I am accepting a position wherein I will have to make travel arrangements.  I will need a step by step guide or a travel agency that will assist me.  Will any of the travel agencies assist me in making travel arrangements.  Is this free?  Using a Travel Agent First of all, yes, most […]

Ask the Admin: Making Tasks Private

By | Nov 29, 2010

I got this e-mail from Marcie: I am trying, for the first time to set a task in Outlook 2010. I would like the task to recur hourly, starting at 8:am and ending at 5:pm, every weekday. This reminder is to remind me to drink 8 oz. of water. My calendar is viewable by my […]

Ask the Admin: Meeting Minutes Retention

By | Sep 15, 2010

I got the following e-mail from Dee: I am the Secretary of our neighborhood community association, how long should we retain the minutes.  I do not want to keep minutes for many years.  Thanks Dee Hi, Dee.  Thanks for your question.  You don’t indicate if you are talking about Board minutes or membership meeting minutes.  […]

Ask the Admin: Records Retention

By | Jul 19, 2010

I got this e-mail from Kelly: What is the business standard for the length of time to keep meeting minutes? Thanks for your question, Kelly.  You didn’t specify what type of minutes you need to keep.  How long you retain meeting minutes will depend on the type of meetings you are referring to.  Most record […]

Ask the Admin: Managing E-mail for the Boss

By | Jun 9, 2010

This question came from Jody: Did you get any feedback on how assistants typically work with their boss’ email? My boss has never had anyone help him with his vast quantities of email and I am wondering where to look for best practices. I did not get any comments on the post I previously wrote […]

Setting Up A Filing System Part 5: More on Naming Computer Files

By | Apr 29, 2010

I talked about naming computer files in Part 4 of Setting Up a Filing System, but I mostly talked about Windows file naming conventions.  In comments, Layne made another suggestion: I would like to suggest in your series on “How To” set up a filing system electronically if you would include a write up on […]

Ask the Admin: Advice on Calendar and Travel

By | Apr 9, 2010

Ask the Admin: Where to learn travel arrangements and calendaring.

Ask the Admin: Outlook Appointment Properties

By | Apr 7, 2010

We have another question today, this one from Sheila. Hi Jodith Is there a way in Microsoft outlook if you right click on properties for an appointment that you can see who created the appointment and when it was last edited and by whom? If there is a way to do that I would create […]

Ask the Admin: Measurable Goals for Assistants

By | Apr 5, 2010

This question comes from Keira: My boss has recently asked me to write a set of measurable goals for her based on my responsibilities but I’m not sure how to go about it – how can I measure what I do on a daily basis (answer phones, field emails/calls, event management/planning) etc? It’s often difficult […]

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