For Beginners: Keyboarding

By | Apr 12, 2015

I will be writing some posts especially for beginners in the clerical field. Helpful tips and what to learn to progress in an administrative career. These will be posted to the category For Beginners and will include For Beginners in the title. For those just starting out in the clerical field, I cannot stress enough […]

Ask the Admin: Using a Travel Agency

By | Mar 20, 2013

Jacquelyn asks: I am accepting a position wherein I will have to make travel arrangements.  I will need a step by step guide or a travel agency that will assist me.  Will any of the travel agencies assist me in making travel arrangements.  Is this free?  Using a Travel Agent First of all, yes, most […]

Thinking Like A Manager

By | Sep 13, 2010

Joan Burge had a great post this week about thinking like a manager.  It’s part of her series on “Becoming an Administrative Superstar”.  Her post got me thinking about my own experiences as an Executive Assistant and most especially my first Executive Assistant position. Put Yourself In Your Boss’s Shoes When you work as a […]

Ask the Admin: My Boss Is Having An Affair

By | Sep 1, 2010

We have a doozy of a question this week, folks, and I’m hoping some of you can help the writer with some advice: I just found out that my boss is having an affair.  Normally I wouldn’t care.  I mean, who he sleeps with is none of my business, isn’t it?  The part I’m having […]

Getting Coffee: Personal Errands Personified

By | Aug 30, 2010

Should you get coffee for your boss?  Getting coffee for the connoisseur can be difficult finding the best coffee. I find this question over and over in the searches on my site.  Why are admins asking this question.  Why is it important? Personal Errands Getting coffee is really just the tip of the iceberg.  What […]

Working Virtually

By | Aug 25, 2010

Today’s blog is a guest post over on Joan Burge’s blog on Office Dynamics about how to support your boss in a virtual environment.  Go on over and check it out.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Joan’s blog while you’re there.  I find many great tips for Administrative Professionals on her blog, as those of […]

Administrative Assistant Job Descriptions

By | Aug 16, 2010

Probably the most frequent questions I get and that I see asked on the internet is what is appropriate work for an Administrative Assistant.  You will rarely find any cohesive answers for this question, though, because the job description for any Administrative Assistant position will vary widely depending on the industry, the company, the department, […]

My Job Changed, Why Not My Title

By | Jul 30, 2010

I hear the lament over and over, not just in the administrative support field, but in just about every field and industry I know.  It happens all the time. The Job Changes When you start a new job, you usually get a job description.  We all know, though, that jobs have a tendency to change […]

Ask the Admin: Records Retention

By | Jul 19, 2010

I got this e-mail from Kelly: What is the business standard for the length of time to keep meeting minutes? Thanks for your question, Kelly.  You didn’t specify what type of minutes you need to keep.  How long you retain meeting minutes will depend on the type of meetings you are referring to.  Most record […]

Maintaining Your Office Supply Cabinet Part 3

By | Jul 7, 2010

In my last post on this topic, I talked about various folder options, tapes and clips.  In this post, we’ll talk about desk set items that you should keep in the supply closet, media to have on hand, and other miscellaneous items needed. Finding the Right Office Space and Desk Set Items Let’s face it, […]

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