Maintaining Your Office Supply Cabinet Part 2

By | Jun 28, 2010

In my last post on maintaining office supplies, I talked about writing instruments and paper.  Let’s continue on with other supplies you need in your office supply cabinet. Folders The types of folders you need to keep in your stock will depend on your particular office.  At the very least, you need a supply of […]

Maintaining Your Office Supply Cabinet

By | Jun 11, 2010

Most of the time when we take a new administrative assistant or executive assistant position, part of our job duties is to order and maintain office supplies.  Often, there is an already existing office supply cabinet, and we simply take note of what is currently used and reorder as necessary. If you have to set […]

You may not read minds, but convince your boss you can!

By | Feb 10, 2008

Which is my way of saying…anticipate your boss’s needs. That may seem to be self-evident, but it’s something we, as administrative assistants, forget sometimes. Here are just a few tips to staying ahead of the game. Every afternoon before leaving the office, check your boss’s calendar for the next day. If he has a meeting […]

Data collecting: the Backbone of a Good Assistant

By | Feb 9, 2008

Back when I was a department secretary (we won’t talk about how long ago that was), I had not yet realized the importance of collecting snippets of information about people and things. Then one day our long time receptionist announced she was retiring, and I was tasked with entering all the information from her Rolodex […]

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