Working From Home: Notary Public

By | May 2, 2011

One work-from-home option open to Administrative and Executive Assistants is working as a Notary Public. The main job of a Notary Public is to witness signatures and attest to the authenticity of the signature. Depending on the applicable laws for your state, a Notary may also administer oaths and affirmations, certify copies, and in some […]

Work From Home Careers for Admins

By | Mar 7, 2011

Have you been laid off?  Having trouble finding another job?  Welcome to the club!  So many administrative personnel have lost their jobs in the down economy, and the job growth for our industry just isn’t where it needs to be.  One option for those of us tired of waiting for the phone to ring is […]

Thinking Like A Manager

By | Sep 13, 2010

Joan Burge had a great post this week about thinking like a manager.  It’s part of her series on “Becoming an Administrative Superstar”.  Her post got me thinking about my own experiences as an Executive Assistant and most especially my first Executive Assistant position. Put Yourself In Your Boss’s Shoes When you work as a […]

No Budget for Training? Do It Yourself

By | Aug 18, 2010

Today’s article is a guest post from Wendy Stoneman. In my time with my current employer, I’ve been involved in training a few of our new admins.  At some point in their first year they generally ask about training.  Can they get some sort of training to improve their skills in a particular software program […]

My Job Changed, Why Not My Title

By | Jul 30, 2010

I hear the lament over and over, not just in the administrative support field, but in just about every field and industry I know.  It happens all the time. The Job Changes When you start a new job, you usually get a job description.  We all know, though, that jobs have a tendency to change […]

Becoming a Project Manager

By | Jul 5, 2010

While being an Administrative or Executive Assistant is, for many of us, a career goal in itself, many assistants desire to grow into other careers.  One job I’ve personally seen a number of assistants grow into is Project Management. What Is Project Management Project Management, in a nutshell, is about planning, organizing and managing the […]

Tips for a Successful Business as a Virtual Assistant

By | May 5, 2010

Tips for finding success as a virtual assistant.

Get a $50 Amazon Gift Card with OfficeArrow Bronze Membership

By | Apr 14, 2010

I’ve talked about OfficeArrow before and what a great community it is for Administrative Professionals.  Well, in honor of Administrative Professional’s Day, OfficeArrow is giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card to the first 100 people who purchase a Bronze membership.  With the cost for Bronze only $99, that means you are getting the membership […]

Ask the Admin: Measurable Goals for Assistants

By | Apr 5, 2010

This question comes from Keira: My boss has recently asked me to write a set of measurable goals for her based on my responsibilities but I’m not sure how to go about it – how can I measure what I do on a daily basis (answer phones, field emails/calls, event management/planning) etc? It’s often difficult […]

Learn Office 2007 with Ribbon Hero

By | Feb 24, 2010

One of the biggest problems with Office 2007 is that the interface of the programs is very different from previous versions of Office.  Tasks you can usually do with your eyes closed have become absurdly hard in 2007 simply because we have to relearn the interface.  Once you figure out the interface, you’ll find that […]

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