Casual Friday

By | Mar 7, 2008

I saw this linked on another blog and had some great fun playing with it. There’s several different games there to test your geography knowledge. Being the trivia buff that I am, I thoroughly enjoyed testing my knowledge. I’ve gotten through level 7 so far, but level 8 remains elusive. How Well Do You Know […]

Casual Friday

By | Feb 29, 2008

It’s Friday again, and time to kick back and have some mindless fun on the weekend. This site has some great time wasters for you to relax with.  They aren’t really mindless, but they are fun. Enjoy!  I’ll be back next week with more tips and tricks for you.

Casual Friday

By | Feb 22, 2008

Well…it’s Friday, and we’re all anxiously looking forward to the weekend.  I’ve decided to keep things light on Friday and offer to you something interesting to pass the time over the weekend.  Casual Friday will be a regular feature of Administrative Arts. Today, spurred by all the political activity lately here in the U.S., I […]

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