Is It Safe To Copy Documents

By | May 24, 2010

If you have a newer digital copier, the answer may be no.  According to a story on CBS, most digital copiers made since 2002 contain a hard drive, which keeps digital copies of documents you copied in the past.  And guess what?  When your lease on that equipment is up, the leasing company most likely […]

Gmail Now More Secure

By | Feb 1, 2010

I had a question last year about security on Gmail, Google’s e-mail system.  Previously, any mail you opened or sent was not sent securely, so it could be intercepted by a third party.  In 2008, Gmail added encryption for Gmail, but it wasn’t the default setting, so most folks were still sending mail unsecured. The […]

What Are Your New Year’s Goals?

By | Dec 29, 2008

As the holidays wind down, New Year’s Day looms, and with it the spectre of New Year’s Resolutions.  While most people look at these resolutions in a personal sense, like losing weight, exercising more, or being more assertive, I’ve found it beneficial to apply the idea of New Year’s Resolutions to work as well.  We […]

Tips for Traveling With Your Laptop

By | Dec 17, 2008

I know many of you are travelling during the holidays, and many of you are taking laptops with you.  Following are some tips for keeping your laptop secure while traveling. Keep your laptop with you at all times.  Locking it in your trunk is not a good solution.  Many laptops are stolen from car trunks […]

Create a Secure Password

By | Oct 20, 2008

photo credit: Phillip The first point of entry of any computer security system is, of course, the password.  But just how secure are most passwords?  The truth is, not very.  Most people use passwords that are fairly easy for someone who knows them to guess (or in the case of Sarah Palin, someone who can […]

Making a Computer Backup Plan: Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down

By | Oct 6, 2008

In my post Questions for the IT Guy, I went over some of the information you need to know about how computers and files are handled in your company.  If you followed my advice there, and you found out that your company doesn’t do backups of files on the PCs, you will need to develop […]

Questions for the IT Guy

By | Sep 3, 2008

Or girl as the case may be. As an administrative assistant, part of your duties is to maintain and safeguard your boss’s files, including electronic files.  I will be writing a series of posts on managing computer security and maintenance for administrative and executive assistants. Before you start on the wonderful world of safeguarding your […]

Floppy Disk Disposal

By | Jul 28, 2008

photo credit: matsuyuki If your office is like mine, you have stashes of floppy disks hanging around from the days when they were the way to transport electronic documents.  These days, we tend to just toss them in the trash when we find them, since most PCs  don’t even have floppy drives. Before you trash […]

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