Managing Calendars: More Ways to Keep the Boss More Productive

By | Nov 2, 2009

Last week we talked about helping the boss be more productive by properly screening calls.  This week, let’s explore another way to help the boss be more productive: managing the calendar. More Than Just Scheduling Meetings “Managing the calendar,” you’re thinking.  “Isn’t that just scheduling the boss’s meetings?”  Well, scheduling meetings is just part of […]

Screening Calls: How to Make Your Boss More Productive

By | Oct 26, 2009

For any administrative or executive assistant, you have one basic goal, making your boss more efficient and productive. That’s it. Everything you do during your workday should have this one basic goal behind it. One primary way to save your boss time and help her be more efficient is to properly screen calls. Now, when […]

Hourly vs Saleried: Are You Losing Money?

By | Aug 31, 2009

photo credit: Tracy O If you are improperly classified as a salaried employee, you could be losing a lot of money. In big corporations, whether you’re an hourly or salaried employee is usually a decided by HR in order to comply with labor laws.  However, many small businesses don’t have an HR employee, much less […]

Perspective vs Prospective

By | Nov 3, 2008

photo credit: ellievanhoutte In my career as an Administrative Assistant, I’ve seen some grammar mistakes that are fairly common:  its vs. it’s, they’re vs. their, to vs. too.  One mistake that I see all too frequently has always puzzled me.  Perspective vs. Prospective. This seems to be a fairly common mistake, and not just among […]

For the Boss: Keeping Your Personal Life Private

By | Mar 31, 2008

In this day of shared calendars, it can be hard to keep your personal life private. No matter how much you trust your administrative assistant, you just want to keep some things to yourself. If you use Microsoft Outlook, you don’t have to be afraid to share your calendars and tasks, because you can mark […]

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