Guest Post: Is Multitasking All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

By | Dec 1, 2010

Today’s article is a guest post from Wendy Stoneman. You’re busy. You’ve got 12 things on your To-Do List. All of them have to get done today. In the middle of working down your list, the phone rings, emails messages come in, people stop by with requests – it’s a typical workday. That’s ok, you’re […]

Working Virtually

By | Aug 25, 2010

Today’s blog is a guest post over on Joan Burge’s blog on Office Dynamics about how to support your boss in a virtual environment.  Go on over and check it out.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Joan’s blog while you’re there.  I find many great tips for Administrative Professionals on her blog, as those of […]

No Budget for Training? Do It Yourself

By | Aug 18, 2010

Today’s article is a guest post from Wendy Stoneman. In my time with my current employer, I’ve been involved in training a few of our new admins.  At some point in their first year they generally ask about training.  Can they get some sort of training to improve their skills in a particular software program […]

Guest Posting

By | Jul 28, 2010

Do you have some great tips on how to be an Administrative or Executive Assistant?  Software tips?  A funny experience from work? Maybe just an opinion that you want to share? I’m soliciting guest posts for Administrative Arts.  If you would like to share something here, send it to me by e-mail.  Include: The blog […]

Tips for a Successful Business as a Virtual Assistant

By | May 5, 2010

Tips for finding success as a virtual assistant.

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