How to Organize the Boss’s E-mail

By | Jan 13, 2010

Often as an administrative assistant (and very frequently as an executive assistant), you’ll have the job of monitoring and organizing your boss’s e-mail. This essentially entails reading through his new mail and either replying on his behalf, delegating the e-mail to one of her direct reports, or organizing e-mail that needs a response directly from […]

Have You Got Google Wave?

By | Jan 6, 2010

Google Wave is the newest application of the ever popular Google company.  They’ve taken a variety of IM and networking tools and made a truly unique collaboration interface. You can, of course, communicate with others in Wave as if you were in an IM, but you can do so much more than that.  You can […]

Ask the Admin: Scheduling Tasks for Others

By | Oct 30, 2009

And we have another question about Microsoft Outlook, this time about scheduling e-mails. Json asked in his e-mail: Hi I read your article about setting up recurring tasks and wonder if there is any way to do automatic email reminders to my staff. My staff members have tasks with different due dates. For example, staff […]

Ask the Admin: Set up Recurring Tasks at 8 Month Intervals

By | Oct 28, 2009

I had a question stemming from my post on setting up recurring tasks in Microsoft Outlook.  Pierre wants to know how to set up a task to recur at 8 month intervals. This is actually quite easy.  If you look at the Task Recurrence Window: If you choose Monthly as the recurrence period, you’ll see […]

10 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

By | Jan 19, 2009

photo credit: sunshinecity One piece of advice that I give to every up-and-coming administrative assistant is this: NEVER SIT IDLE!  If you have nothing to do, then go out and find something to do.  Occasionally, though, you do find yourself temporarily at loose ends, so here’s a list of 10 things to do when you […]

Create a Desk Reference Manual

By | Jan 19, 2009

photo credit: Dan4th What happens if a sudden emergency occurs and you have to be off work for a week or more?  Could a temp walk into your office and be able to easily handle things while you’re gone?  She can if you’ve created a Desk Reference Manual with procedures on how to handle your […]

Using the 43 folder system effectively

By | Sep 1, 2008

Chrissy over at OfficeArrow has a great video describing the 43 Folder reminder system.  What?  You don’t know what the 43 Folder system is?  Well, go read Chrissy’s article now….I’ll wait). Back?  It’s a great system, isn’t it? This system is very effective at keeping up with all of those little pieces of paper that […]

Organizing Your Desk for Optimum Efficiency.

By | Mar 24, 2008

While I am not a stickler for a neat desk (anyone who works with me will tell you that my desk is not the epitomy of neatness), a certain amount of organization is necessary in our field. We generally have so many daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, not to mention special projects going on, that […]

Never Forget Another E-mail

By | Feb 18, 2008

A fairly common occurrence in the life of an administrative assistant is getting an e-mail requesting a task to be performed. It is very easy to set a reminder on that e-mail so you don’t forget to complete the task. Right click on the e-mail Choose Follow Up on the shortcut menu and then Add […]

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