Ask the Admin: Notifications in Public Calendars

By | Jun 1, 2015

Today I’m revisiting an old Ask the Admin question from 2011.  Why? Because I’m constantly learning new things. This question came from Stan: I have a shared public calendar in Outlook 2007. Can I set it to notify sharing users of changed appointments? Where do I find the best lol coaching sessions? We found two […]

Ask the Admin: Making Tasks Private

By | Nov 29, 2010

I got this e-mail from Marcie: I am trying, for the first time to set a task in Outlook 2010. I would like the task to recur hourly, starting at 8:am and ending at 5:pm, every weekday. This reminder is to remind me to drink 8 oz. of water. My calendar is viewable by my […]

How to Share a Distribution List in Outlook

By | Apr 16, 2010

How to share a private distribution list in Microsoft Outlook.

Ask the Admin: Advice on Calendar and Travel

By | Apr 9, 2010

Ask the Admin: Where to learn travel arrangements and calendaring.

Ask the Admin: Outlook Appointment Properties

By | Apr 7, 2010

We have another question today, this one from Sheila. Hi Jodith Is there a way in Microsoft outlook if you right click on properties for an appointment that you can see who created the appointment and when it was last edited and by whom? If there is a way to do that I would create […]

Ask the Admin: Recurring Hourly Tasks in Outlook

By | Mar 15, 2010

I had a request from a reader about setting up recurring tasks in Outlook on an hourly basis.  I know of only two options, both of which are workarounds.  After doing some Google searches, I haven’t found anything else better, though. Use the Snooze Button The first option is to set a daily recurring task […]

Learn Office 2007 with Ribbon Hero

By | Feb 24, 2010

One of the biggest problems with Office 2007 is that the interface of the programs is very different from previous versions of Office.  Tasks you can usually do with your eyes closed have become absurdly hard in 2007 simply because we have to relearn the interface.  Once you figure out the interface, you’ll find that […]

How to Organize the Boss’s E-mail

By | Jan 13, 2010

Often as an administrative assistant (and very frequently as an executive assistant), you’ll have the job of monitoring and organizing your boss’s e-mail. This essentially entails reading through his new mail and either replying on his behalf, delegating the e-mail to one of her direct reports, or organizing e-mail that needs a response directly from […]

“You’re over your limit”

By | Dec 16, 2009

No, no, not your credit card.  You’re e-mail account! We’ve all gotten the dreaded “You’re Over Your Limit” messages in our e-mail.  There’s no better way to ruin a good day than to realize you must suddenly drastically reduce the size of your e-mail (or worse yet, your boss’s).  You really only have two choices: […]

Ask the Admin: Scheduling Tasks for Others

By | Oct 30, 2009

And we have another question about Microsoft Outlook, this time about scheduling e-mails. Json asked in his e-mail: Hi I read your article about setting up recurring tasks and wonder if there is any way to do automatic email reminders to my staff. My staff members have tasks with different due dates. For example, staff […]

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