Learn Office 2007 with Ribbon Hero

By | Feb 24, 2010

One of the biggest problems with Office 2007 is that the interface of the programs is very different from previous versions of Office.  Tasks you can usually do with your eyes closed have become absurdly hard in 2007 simply because we have to relearn the interface.  Once you figure out the interface, you’ll find that […]

Ask the Admin: Watermarks in MS Word Part II

By | Sep 4, 2009

NOTE: Don’t forget to enter my contest to win a Starbuck’s Gift Card. In my last post, I showed you how to make a graphic into a watermark in Microsoft Word.  Today, I’ll show you how to do the same thing with text using WordArt.  The reason we use WordArt is because a text box […]

Ask the Admin: Watermarks in MS Word

By | Sep 2, 2009

NOTE: Don’t forget to enter my contest to win a Starbuck’s Gift Card. Quite a while ago, I posted about using the watermark function in Microsoft Word.  Like most bloggers, I tend to spend time reviewing what search terms bring people to my blog.  This month, I’ve had several folks searching for some different ways […]

Grammar Tip: Easier vs Easily

By | Aug 26, 2009

photo credit: quinn.anya Proofreading is an essential skill for all administrative support personnel.  In addition to spelling and typos, you also need to be looking for proper word usage.  In a previous post, I talked about confusing the words Prospective and Perspective.  Today I have another pair of words that I often find misused. Easier […]

Creating a Printed Watermark in MS Word

By | Jan 19, 2009

You’ve seen them, documents with a word or picture in the background with the text of the document running over the top of it.  Just how do they do that, anyway?  If you use Microsoft Word, placing a printed watermark in your document is easy. What is a watermark anyway? A true watermark is created […]

What Are Your New Year’s Goals?

By | Dec 29, 2008

As the holidays wind down, New Year’s Day looms, and with it the spectre of New Year’s Resolutions.  While most people look at these resolutions in a personal sense, like losing weight, exercising more, or being more assertive, I’ve found it beneficial to apply the idea of New Year’s Resolutions to work as well.  We […]

Creating Calendars in Microsoft Word

By | Nov 19, 2008

2009 is just around the corner, and you’re going to be needing new calendars.  You can save your company some money by printing out calendars from Microsoft Word instead of buying an expensive calendar from the office supply store.  It’s an easy process. In Microsoft Word, click on File and then New. This will bring […]

Quick Navigation in Word

By | Oct 22, 2008

I know you’ve been there.  You’re editting a huge document, and now you need to go back through and proof your edits.  Here’s a tip to help you out.  Shift-F5 will take you through your edits in a document.  Hitting shift-F5 once will take you to your last edit, and subsequent uses will go through […]

Making A Full Page of the Same Label

By | Sep 22, 2008

So, you have a mailing to process, and you want to make a full page of the return address label.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to type out each label individually.  Making a full page of the same label is very easy in Microsoft Word. First, click on Tools: Letters and Mailings: Envelopes & Labels: […]

Controlling Your Graphics

By | Sep 15, 2008

Has this ever happened to you?  You place a graphic in your Word document and send it to the back so you can type the text over it.  But then you decide the graphic placement isn’t quite right, and you click on it to move it.  Only it won’t click.  All you do is move […]

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