Ask the Admin: Using a Travel Agency

By | Mar 20, 2013

Jacquelyn asks: I am accepting a position wherein I will have to make travel arrangements.  I will need a step by step guide or a travel agency that will assist me.  Will any of the travel agencies assist me in making travel arrangements.  Is this free?  Using a Travel Agent First of all, yes, most […]

Ask the Admin: Staying in Touch While Traveling

By | Feb 2, 2010

Lisa sent me the following e-mail: Do you have any tips or advice for communicating daily, weekly or priority items when traveling for weeks at a time. Thanks for your e-mail, Lisa.  As it happens, I worked for 3 years for one boss who traveled almost 50% of his time, so I learned a great […]

Easily Manage Time Zones

By | Nov 17, 2008

photo credit: leoplus Does your boss do a lot of international business?  Does your company do business all over the world?  Then you’ve probably dealt with the dilemma of trying to set up international conference calls, or arranging a business call with a client or colleague in another country or on another continent.  With all […]

Save Money on Business Travel

By | Oct 29, 2008

With the economy in turmoil, more pressure than ever is being put on companies to cut expenses and save money.  Although new technology is making conference calls and video conferences more accessible, employees still have the need to travel for business at times.  As an administrative assistant, it’s your responsibility to find the most cost effective […]

Responsibilities While the Boss is Traveling

By | Oct 27, 2008

What are an assistant’s responsibilities while the boss is traveling, especially if she is traveling internationally? Your responsibilities are going to vary depending on your boss.  It’s a good idea to talk to you boss before she travels to get an idea of what she expects.    The main question to answer is whether she wants you […]

Travel Dangers

By | Sep 17, 2008

photo credit: Anirudh Koul Traveling can be so annoying sometimes, and it’s nice to have company when traveling to take the edge off.  However, when booking travel for executives, you need to remember a general rule:  all of your executives should not travel together. Why you ask?  It’s a rather morbid consideration, but an important […]

Understanding Airline Bumping

By | Sep 8, 2008

You spend so much time setting up flight arrangements just to find out at the last minute that your boss has been bumped.  OfficeArrow has a great post about airline bumping and the consumer’s rights.  You’re probably thinking that I’ve now got a bunch of tips to supplement the article, but you know what?  I […]

Ask the Admin – International Travel Arrangements

By | Aug 21, 2008

I had an e-mail this morning from someone who is recently laid off and wants some advice to be able to take her career to the next step.  She says” I have been looking for a new position in the Atlanta area for the past couple of days now.  I have realized in order for […]

Travel Arrangements to Wow Any Boss, Part Three: International Travel

By | Feb 6, 2008

While international travel requires all the same steps as domestic travel, it holds some unique pitfalls of which the administrative assistant should be aware. Time zone issues, specifically date issues. It is not unusual when traveling to another continent that you will leave on one date and arrive on another date. Don’t make the mistake […]

Travel Arrangements to Wow Any Boss, Part Two: The Itinerary

By | Feb 4, 2008

Think about the last time you were traveling, how many pieces of paper you had to keep up with: ticket, boarding pass, hotel confirmation, rental car confirmation, upgrade confirmation. Wouldn’t it be great to have all those things on one sheet of paper? That’s where making a great travel itinerary comes in! I got this […]

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