Ask the Admin: Making Tasks Private

By | Nov 29, 2010

I got this e-mail from Marcie:
I am trying, for the first time to set a task in Outlook 2010. I would like the task to recur hourly, starting at 8:am and ending at 5:pm, every weekday. This reminder is to remind me to drink 8 oz. of water. My calendar is viewable by my 2 Directors and 3 Academic Coordinators, and even though I’m sure none of us personally care how much water I consume, I just don’t want to place it on my calendar, one of the coordinators, is on Atkins and has her snack times 10:30a & […] Continue Reading…

Ask the Admin: Meeting Minutes Retention

By | Sep 15, 2010

I got the following e-mail from Dee: I am the Secretary of our neighborhood community association, how long should we retain the minutes.  I do not want to keep minutes for many years.  Thanks Dee Hi, Dee.  Thanks for your question.  You don’t indicate if you are talking about Board minutes or membership meeting minutes.  According to every reference I can find for document retention, Board minutes should be kept permanently. I didn’t find any specific references to membership meeting minutes in any of the research I’ve done. Non-Profit Document Retention […] Continue Reading…

Thinking Like A Manager

By | Sep 13, 2010

Joan Burge had a great post this week about thinking like a manager.  It’s part of her series on “Becoming an Administrative Superstar”.  Her post got me thinking about my own experiences as an Executive Assistant and most especially my first Executive Assistant position.
Put Yourself In Your Boss’s Shoes
When you work as a direct admin for your boss, whether it’s as an Administrative or Executive Assistant, you should look at everything that crosses your desk through your boss’s eyes.

I remember my first job as an Executive Assistant.  I gave him his signature folder one morning with some employee reviews […] Continue Reading…

Links Round-up September 8, 2010

By | Sep 8, 2010

Good morning, everyone.  I hope you all had a stellar Labor Day.

Here’s the links I’ve tweeted in the last couple of weeks with great tips for Administrative and Executive Assistants.  Click here if you want to follow me on Twitter.

Need to brush up your PowerPoint skills? OfficeArrow has a 3-pack training deal…
Complacency Can Lead to Administrative Career Extinction…
Use the Windows 7 Calculator’s New Modes, Features, and Worksheets online-tech-tips…. (This is a really great article.  The calculator function has been wonderfully expanded in Windows 7).
Transitioning from Coworker to Supervisor | Business Management Strategies & Workplace Communica……
Managing Holiday […] Continue Reading…

Stylebooks: How to Write Professionally

By | Sep 6, 2010

We all know how important proper grammar and punctuation are in business writing.  We all took English in school and learned the basics, but questions of style can be more complex.  When talking dates, do we refer to the “1950s” or the “1950’s”?  Is it “an historical event” or “a historical event”?  Is that title capitalized, italicized or underlined?  The answer to these questions depends on the industry doing the writing and what stylebook they use.
What Is A Stylebook?
A stylebook is, essentially, a set of rules or standards used in writing and design.  Once upon a time, individual organizations […] Continue Reading…

Dealing With Change In The Workplace

By | Sep 3, 2010

In today’s harsh economic climate, about the only thing that stays the same is change.  Companies are downsizing, reorganizing, and rethinking everything they do. People are being laid off, duties are being passed around, and those left behind are dealing with the guilt and relief of not being on the chopping block.

Let’s face it, even positive change can cause discomfort, and the change in companies today isn’t always positive.  For those living through constant change, the stress can eat you alive if you don’t deal with change in a positive manner.
Dealing with Change: Coping Techniques
How do you deal […] Continue Reading…

Ask the Admin: My Boss Is Having An Affair

By | Sep 1, 2010

We have a doozy of a question this week, folks, and I’m hoping some of you can help the writer with some advice:
I just found out that my boss is having an affair.  Normally I wouldn’t care.  I mean, who he sleeps with is none of my business, isn’t it?  The part I’m having trouble with is that I like his wife.  A lot!  She’s in and out of the office all the time and she attends company events with him.  She’s such a sweetheart, and I feel just terrible about all of this.  I hate to see her […] Continue Reading…

Getting Coffee: Personal Errands Personified

By | Aug 30, 2010

Should you get coffee for your boss?  Getting coffee for the connoisseur can be difficult finding the best coffee. I find this question over and over in the searches on my site.  Why are admins asking this question.  Why is it important?
Personal Errands
Getting coffee is really just the tip of the iceberg.  What most admins are asking about is running personal errands for your boss.  Getting coffee, picking up lunch, dropping off dry cleaning.  You all know the kinds of things I’m talking about.  I’ve talked about running personal errands before. While many bosses are hesitant to ask […] Continue Reading…

Eating At Your Desk – Should You?

By | Aug 27, 2010

Should administrative support personnel eat at their desks?  Some organizations allow it.  Some don’t.  Professionally, though, whether it’s allowed or not, is eating at our desks something we should do?

Like many professional dilemmas, the answer is a resounding maybe.  For some administrative support jobs, occasionally eating at your desk shouldn’t present a problem.  For others, it should be absolutely forbidden.
Front Desk and Public Positions
Let’s face it, if your job is to be the face of your company at the front desk as a receptionist or in another public position, you should not be eating at your desk.  Just think […] Continue Reading…

Working Virtually

By | Aug 25, 2010

Today’s blog is a guest post over on Joan Burge’s blog on Office Dynamics about how to support your boss in a virtual environment.  Go on over and check it out.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Joan’s blog while you’re there.  I find many great tips for Administrative Professionals on her blog, as those of you who follow me on Twitter or read my Links Round-Ups know.

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